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Many of the most incredible prophecies in the entire Bible are found in the Old Testament book written by Daniel the Prophet. Because of the importance of these prophecies, and because we examine a number of them in our studies, we believe it is essential to take a short excursion into an examination of the validity of Daniel as a prophetic source.


Due to the remarkable prophetic accuracy and specificity in this book, Daniel has come under attack by critics who deliberately seek to undermine its validity in order to avoid acknowledging its prophetic nature. But in recent years, there have been a number of discoveries – archeological, linguistic and others – that help provide important substantiation of the accuracy, early dating, and historicity of Daniel, confirming it as a valid prophetic source.


In this study, Establishing The Prophetic Validity Of The Book Of Daniel, we will examine this evidence and determine how confident we can be in this incredible prophetic book. Download this free study and find out for yourself!

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<h1> let us reason prophetic validity book of daniel </h1>

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