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<h1> let us reason the nature of time </h1>

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In the quest of every person who sets out to attempt to determine the validity of the Bible, they must at some point confront the subject of Bible prophecy. Bible prophecy is one of the primary evidences Christians point to that demonstrates the supernatural origin of the Bible – or, in other words, it is how we know the Bible comes from God and not man. 


Most people have some awareness of the most basic meaning of the word “prophecy,” understanding it to have something to do with the foreknowledge of things or events. Obviously, for something to be truly prophetic, it must be foretold prior to the events it anticipates. But most people don’t pause to think about the subject of prophecy deeply enough to recognize that the only reason prophecy is incredible to us is because we are trapped within a peculiar dimension called “time.”

Because we are confined within the boundaries of time, we find it incredible that future events could be foretold with incredible accuracy and precision. In this study, The Nature Of Time, we will undertake an investigation of this subject and provide a deeper understanding regarding the scientific underpinnings of our perceptions of time itself – and how these concepts relate to the theme of Biblical prophecy as being an evidence for the supernatural origin of the Bible. Download this free study to learn more!

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<h1> let us reason the nature of time </h1>

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