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<h1> let us reason Daniel 9:25 Prophecy </h1>

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In this study, The Identity Of The Nephilim, we will delve into a topic that’s widely been either ignored or misunderstood by many who study the Bible. It’s a topic that requires one to expand their thinking, and presents a profound exercise in sound Bible interpretation. As we will see, the Bible leaves us no room for private interpretation on this matter. The text of scripture is very clear in its declaration of the existence of giants, called Nephilim in Hebrew, the offspring of the illicit sexual union of rebellious angels and human women in the ancient past.


We will also examine the opposing mainstream viewpoint that denies this interpretation. How will it hold up against the evidence? What profound implications does the subject of the Nephilim have on our understanding of the foundational background of the Old Testament (subjects such as the purpose for the Flood, the conquest of Canaan, etc.), as well as potential implications for end-time prophecy? Download this free study and find out for yourself!

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<h1> let us reason the identity of the nephilim giants </h1>

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