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"Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth."
-2 Timothy 2:15

The importance of being anchored in Biblical truth cannot be understated for the healthy believer. One of the reasons found for straying from the faith is a poor foundation of knowledge regarding truth. As the passage above implies, this can have harmful consequences. 

One of the functional objectives of the church is the office of teaching. The purpose of teaching is to ground the Christian in the truth so that he is firmly planted for when the trials of life inevitably present. It is to train, prepare, and equip the believer for what he will face in the world outside. It is to help prepare each believer to be an ambassador for Christ within his own individual sphere of influence. 


A problematic issue in the church today is the emphasis on the emotional side of the Christian experience, without equal emphasis on deep and effective teaching. This imbalance often results in a fleshly and superficial version of Christianity. When emotions are high and things are good, all is well. But when trouble or doubt arise, these types of Christians are left in turmoil and confusion - often culminating in a turning away from the faith. A Christian whose experience is founded primarily upon feelings and emotion rather than being anchored in understanding and evidence is often no match for the Enemy. 


On the other hand, a Christian grounded in what he knows, is a more difficult target for the Enemy. When trouble or doubt arise, he is more able to stand upon the truth and be unmoved. His roots are planted firmly into the bedrock of the Word. He is unaffected by whirling circumstances and emotion. Instead, he holds to what he knows to help sustain him through uncertain times.

We believe one thing sorely lacking in many people's Christian experience today is this important ministry of sound Biblical teaching. The primary objective of Let Us Reason is to help fill that gap by providing the viewer with in-depth studies on Biblical topics. We strongly believe and advocate that each individual believer understand why he believes what he claims to believe. So often, concepts taught in churches are presented in a declarative fashion instead of an explanatory fashion. Often, no (or poor) evidence is given and no (or poor) explanation is attempted. We believe this is hazardous to the spiritual well-being of the believer. It is setting the stage for superficial Christianity. It is setting the stage for faith that is not built upon a firm foundation.


But genuine Christianity is the only belief system that challenges both believers and unbelievers to examine the evidence for themselves. The Word of God and its teachings are trustworthy, reliable, relevant, and provable to all those who are willing to put forth the effort to understand. We hope you will find the following topics both useful and enlightening!

Note: All of the following studies are free to be downloaded in either eBook or PDF form off this site. You can even save them on your mobile device for enhanced portability and distribution. Further, if you would like to have a hard copy, you can even print the PDFs and put them in clear binder sheets, which can then be placed in 3-ring binders of appropriate size. Having an offline hardcopy version may be preferable for some people  and can be used for group studies. The Daniel 9:25 Prophecy The Basis of Our Epistemology The Nature of Time The Psalm 22 Prophecy The Messiah on the Cross The Daniel 11 Prophecy The Luke 19:43-44 Prophecy The Destruction of Jerusalem Foretold Understanding the distinction between israel and the church The Identity of the Nephilim A Refutation of Alternative Chronologies Prophecy The Various Forms And Modes Of Expression How Sure Can We Be That Jesus Was The Messiah Of Israel? Establishing the Prophetic Validity of the Book of Daniel The Isaiah 53 Prophecy Typology of the Moedim Jeremiah's 70 Years Prophecy The Babylonian Captivity Should Christians Support Israel?

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