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In this study, The Daniel 11 Prophecy: History From The 5th-1st Centuries B.C. Detailed In Advance, we will undertake an exploration of the longest continuous prophecy in the Bible, found in the 11th Chapter of Daniel, and continuing into the beginning of Chapter 12. This expansive prophecy anticipates the political maneuverings of the powers that fought over and ruled Judea and the Jews throughout the period of the first sixty-nine weeks of the seventy weeks prophecy given earlier to Daniel (Daniel 9:24-27). These powers included the northern Seleucid kingdom of Syria, the southern Ptolemaic kingdom of Egypt, the Jewish Hasmonean dynasty, the Roman Empire, and Rome’s vassal in Judea, Herod the Great. 


Like many prophecies, this one is likely dual in many ways; events that have occurred in ancient times will likely be replicated at the time of the end (in the future seventieth week) for an ultimate far-term fulfillment. It seems clear that Antiochus IV and Herod the Great are types of the coming Antichrist. What is remarkable from this extensive prophecy is how it thoroughly demonstrates the precision the Bible uses to profile history in advance. Just how precise is it? Download this free study and find out for yourself!

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