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In our companion study, The Basis Of Our Epistemology, our central proposition was essentially that one of the greatest evidences of the validity of the Bible as being God’s Word comes from its routine use of prophecy. The Bible habitually anticipates history in advance. This quality – unique only to God, who exists outside of the dimension of time altogether – is one of the ways He authenticates His message to us. In light of this understanding, we can accurately state that the Bible is an extra-dimensional message system, in that its true origin (its Author) is from outside of our time dimension.

So then, one of the greatest authentications of the Bible is its multitude of prophetic content. Not only does prophecy tell us that God exists, it also tells us that He’s in control of all things. The future is not unknown to Him. Rather, it is God who actually controls the future.

In this study, Prophecy: The Various Forms And Modes Of Expression, we will begin to delve deeper into our understanding of this mysterious theme. Does prophecy simply involve predicting the future in advance, or are there other types of prophecy as well? How much prophecy is actually in the Bible? Does the Bible just happen to get a few vague predictions correct, or is its record of accuracy continual and specific? Can we give any examples? Download this free study and find out for yourself!

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<h1> let us reason prophecy various forms modes expression </h1>

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