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<h1> let us reason Daniel 9:25 Prophecy </h1>

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This study, Should Christians Support Israel? will explore several important questions concerning the nation of Israel from a Biblical basis ... questions such as the following. 

What should the attitude of the Christian be towards Israel as a nation? Should the fact that national Israel is currently in unbelief affect the way we view the covenants and promises God has given to them? Is Israel as a unique chosen nation still relevant in God’s program – and do they still have a future in His plan? How should Christians view the modern State of Israel? Should Christians support the independent sovereignty of the modern State of Israel? 

These questions have emerged as some of the most polarizing and hotly contested issues in our modern religious and geopolitical world. As we enter into an examination of this subject, we will do our best to exclusively look at what the Bible says about this subject – and not the frequent disinformation routinely spewed by both political and religious institutions. Download this free study and find out the answers for yourself!

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<h1> let us reason should christians support israel </h1>

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