In this study, The Luke 19:43-44 Prophecy: The Destruction Of Jerusalem Foretold, we will undertake an in-depth examination of Jesus' mournful prophecy of the then-future destruction of the city and the Temple. The chilling fulfillment of these events in 70 A.D. is a well-documented fact of history, being the climax of the war that began when the Jews revolted against the Romans in 66 A.D. In this study, we will take an in-depth look at some amazing specifics concerning this destruction that have been handed down to us through archaeology and ancient histories – specifics that demonstrate the astonishing precision of Jesus’ prediction.


But before delving into that, we need to first spend some time examining the Gospel of Luke as a reliable and prophetic source. If we are to recognize the words of Jesus – which Luke records – as being genuine prophecy, we need solid reasons to support the assertion that it was actually written prior to the fulfillments of the events it speaks of. If on the other hand, it was written long after the events it foretells – a common claim by the critics – then it obviously could not be regarded as prophetic. How much confidence can we actually have in this prophecy? Click the link below to open/download this study PDF and find out for yourself!



  • Introduction

  • The Reliability And Dating Of Luke

  • The Prophecy And The Fulfillment

  • Further Prophetic Considerations

  • Conclusion 

  • Sources

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