The Daniel 9:25 Prophecy: An Exact Timeline For The Arrival Of The Messiah is an in-depth study on the famous, but often misunderstood “Seventy Weeks of Daniel” – maybe the most incredible prophecy in the Bible – found in Daniel 9:24-27. But specifically, we will focus on Daniel 9:25 – which involves the first 69 of Daniel's 70 Weeks and is an amazing prophecy providing an exact countdown to the arrival of the Messiah, given over 500 years before its fulfillment in Christ. 

Was this prophecy really fulfilled? How accurate was it? Is there evidence? Can we actually prove all of this? How does the 70 Week Prophecy of Daniel act as the framework for future end-times Bible prophecy? Click the link below to open/download this study PDF and find out for yourself!



  • Establishing The Reliability Of The Book Of Daniel

  • Introduction To Daniel 9:25

  • The Beginning Point - “The Commandment To Restore And To Build Jerusalem”

  • The Dating Of The Beginning Point

  • The Ending Point – “The Messiah The Prince”

  • The Dating Of The Ending Point (Part 1) – The Date Of The Crucifixion

  • The Dating Of The Ending Point (Part 2) – The Date Of The Triumphal Entry

  • Testing Our Calculations

  • Some Unlikely Confirmations

  • Our Final Conclusion

  • Appendix

  • Sources

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