In this study, Understanding The Distinction Between Israel And The Church, we will explore this often ignored, and yet vitally important cornerstone for accurately interpreting the Bible. When this distinction is not understood, the downstream implications are disastrous, and inevitably lead to mistaken doctrine in key areas of Bible interpretation. Without this understanding, it will be impossible for any student of the Bible to have an accurate perception of God’s purpose and plans for the future, much less for the believer in the present Church Age.


This issue of the distinction between Israel and the church is in many ways closely tied in with the proper understanding of Biblical eschatology, or the prophetic Biblical study of the end-times. All of these necessary understandings are ultimately derived from having a sound hermeneutic (or method of Bible interpretation). 


So, how is the proper understanding of this topic – the distinction between Israel and the church – a key to unlocking the proper understanding of some of the main themes of the Bible? Click the link below to open/download this study PDF and find out for yourself!



  • Introduction

  • The Bible - A Book Of Covenants

  • Israel And The Church - Distinct Origins, Purposes, And Destinies

  • Israel - A Type Of The Church

  • An Evaluation Of Replacement Theology

  • God's Eschatological Time-Clock - The Mutual Exclusivity Of Israel And The Church

  • Conclusion

  • Sources

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