What sets the Bible apart from other religious books is that it contains thousands of prophecies. Since Jesus Christ is the central figure of the Bible, it should come as no surprise that the Bible is absolutely full of incredibly detailed prophecies about Jesus. One of the most astonishing prophetic chapters is Isaiah 53. 700 years before Jesus, the prophet Isaiah wrote this incredible prophetic portrait of the Messiah in His redemptive role as a “Suffering Servant.” Isaiah 53 records in vivid detail the mission and purpose of the Messiah in His First Coming on earth. 

Because the prophetic content of this chapter so precisely portrays the experience of Jesus Christ on the cross – as recorded in the New Testament gospels – Isaiah 53 has predictably come under attack by the critics. In this study, The Isaiah 53 Prophecy: The Messiah As The "Suffering Servant," we will first address the two major claims by the critics and determine whether they are legitimate. We will then undertake a prophetic examination of Isaiah 53 in an effort to determine just how precise this prophecy actually is. Click the link below to open/download this study PDF and find this out for yourself!



  • Introduction 

  • Isaiah 53 As Authentic Prophecy – Manuscript Evidence

  • Isaiah 53 As Messianic Prophecy – Rabbinical Endorsement

  • A Prophetic Examination Of Isaiah 53

  • Handling Jewish Objections - A Deeper Dive

  • Conclusion

  • Sources

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