Let Us Reason is a website dedicated to the discovery of truth. In addition to directly providing studies ourselves, our objective also includes directing viewers to other reliable sources of knowledge and information. We want you to learn to think critically for yourself and come to your own conclusions - but to do that, you will need good sources of information. The linked internet resources provided here are intended to help you research and understand important topics, elucidate non-mainstream subjects, and to overall expand your thinking.


In today's world, we are both blessed, and yet challenged with the amount of information available to us. Because there is so much misinformation - and even worse, deliberate disinformation - out there, many struggle with what sources to consider trustworthy. Many simply do not have the time to devote to searching out information and vetting the sources. In order to help overcome that barrier, we have provided a number of resources on a number of different topics we hope you will find helpful. The linked resources below are ones that we have generally found to be both useful and reliable over the years. Of course, we cannot and do not affirm everything said on all of these resources, yet, we deem the overall information each provides to be worthwhile. 

This site aims to help viewers broaden their understandings and perspectives of everything we think we know! Come, and let us reason together, and do our due diligence to search these matters out. In doing so, we will experience an enriched perspective on truth and reality. It will also help us begin to fulfill the Biblical call to Christian ambassadorship, in that we are called to always be ready to give a coherent and competent answer to all who ask questions of us. Having a well-rounded perspective will allow you to engage in conversations with people and on topics that you never expected! The adept ambassador can learn to take almost any topic and direct the conversation in a way that gives glory to God - the ultimate source of all truth, wisdom, and knowledge.

Some of the subjects linked may be familiar to you, while some may challenge your currently held presuppositions and mindsets. Be encouraged, that is exactly how true learning and discovery happens. Let's begin!






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