In this study, Jeremiah's 70 Years Prophecy: The Babylonian Captivity, we will explore this often misunderstood prophecy in depth and try to determine if what we know from history aligns with what the Bible says about these prophetic 70-years. 

Jeremiah’s prophecy about the impending Babylonian invasion and the captivity of the Jews is undoubtedly his most well-known prophecy – and is linked with a duration of 70 years. But this 70-year period has been problematic for some commentators to identify precisely. Can we identify these 70 years with any confidence? Some have come to the conclusion that these 70 years that the Bible speaks of are only approximate. Is this true? Were these prophecies fulfilled accurately? And can it be proven using our understanding of ancient history? Click the link below to open/download this study PDF and find out for yourself!



  • Introduction

  • Setting The Stage

  • 70 Years Of Babylonian Domination

  • 70 Years Of Captivity For The Nation

  • 70 Years Of Desolation For The Land

  • Conclusion

  • Sources

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