In this study, How Sure Can We Be That Jesus Was The Messiah Of Israel?, we conduct an exercise that concerns this question, which is actually one of the most important themes in the entire Bible. But even more importantly, if we find that the answer is yes, how confident can we be that He was? 

We answer this by taking a brief sampling of some of the prophecies which were recorded in the Old Testament and fulfilled in the New, and attempt to examine them quantitatively. In other words, this will be an exercise in composite probabilities. 

Can we demonstrate mathematically that Jesus was who He said He was? And can we use quantitative data to show just how sure we are of this? Is it possible to be more certain that Jesus Christ was the Messiah of Israel than we are of basically any other fact in the universe? Click the link below to open/download this study PDF and find out for yourself!



  • Introduction

  • Eight Prophetic Probabilities

  • The Probability Of One Man Fulfilling All Eight Prophecies

  • The Probability Of One Man Fulfilling Sixteen Prophecies

  • The Probability Of One Man Fulfilling Forty-Eight Prophecies

  • Conclusion

  • Sources

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