Most people never even pause to question the narrative of dinosaurs living and dying out "65 million years ago" due to some unknown cataclysm. Why would they? Neither school, 

television, nor anything else has trained them to question these things. These assertions made by the mainstream scientific establishment are unquestionable in today's society.

But what does the evidence say? Do scientists and paleontologists formulate their opinions of the timeline of the dinosaurs based upon evidence, or based upon their already established presuppositions regarding the "untouchable" theory of evolution - complete with the supposedly required "long ages" they claim are needed for it to have occurred? What does the fossil record show? 

According to the Biblical Genesis account, dinosaurs would have been created during the creation week. Based on the chronologies given in the Bible, this would seem to have occurred about 6,000 years ago. If marine and flying reptiles were made on day five of creation, and land reptiles on day six, then we would expect to see evidence that humans knew about and lived alongside dinosaurs before the science of paleontology was founded. Does the evidence align with this?

Actually, the answer is a clear yes. There is abundant evidence that shows humans not only lived alongside dinosaurs, but that dinosaurs for the most part died out quite recently. In fact, there is even reason to believe there still might be some dinosaurs still living today! Although this may sound extreme to the average person, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the actual evidence - rather than what you were told to believe in school. You will find that the establishment has a vested interest in having you believe in evolution - their whole worldview depends upon it - the worldview they would very much like you to embrace. And dinosaur extinction millions of years ago is part of that agenda.

The following links provide the resources for you to begin to investigate this topic for yourself and evaluate the evidence in order to formulate your own opinion.

Note: Both website links AND YouTube channel links (where applicable) are provided.

Untold Secrets of Planet Earth is a publishing company that has put out a series of incredible books regarding the evidence for dinosaurs. Written by author Vance Nelson, these books provide an excellent portrayal of some of the best evidence for dinosaurs living alongside people. The Untold Secrets of Planet Earth series is dedicated to informing you of information you probably have never been told. Years of worldwide research has birthed an amazing collection of information and evidence, that in some cases, may cause you to rethink everything you have ever been taught on these topics. Unprecedented research. Amazing photographs. Incredible production. Lasting impact.

The purpose of Genesis Park is to showcase the evidence that dinosaurs and man were created together and have co-existed throughout history. Genesis Park questions the evolutionary propaganda heaped upon the dinosaurs and approaches the subject of origins with a literal adherence to the Scriptures and an emphasis on creation demonstrating God’s power. The site features news, articles, virtual exhibits, a store, and relevant links, providing ample evidence of dinosaurs cohabiting Earth with humans.

History's Evidence of Dinosaurs and Men is just what it sounds like - a website dedicated to providing information regarding the evidence for dinosaurs living alongside man. It includes excellent information that you will never find in a high school or college textbook. In fact, most people have no idea that this evidence exists. Further, this site discusses the Biblical mention of creatures that likely describe dinosaurs.

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The websites of Jonathan Whitcomb - a forensic videographer and cryptozoologist - all center on the search for extant flying reptiles (pterosaurs). Whitcomb has documented much information on the search for live pterosaurs in Papua New Guinea as well as in America and other areas. Whitcomb has authored several books on the subject and has catalogued the various expeditions made by himself and other explorers to Papua New Guinea in search of living pterosaurs - and the evidence those expeditions produced. 

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