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Basic Christian Doctrine is an in-depth study on some of the most overlooked essentials and basics of Biblical Christian doctrine. Doctrine is simply a teaching. It is the basis or foundation for how one lives and conducts his life. As the Chief Cornerstone, Jesus, working through the apostles and prophets, laid the foundation of the doctrine of the Church. The early Church held to their doctrine so closely that they were willing to give up their lives for it. But as the centuries passed, more and more false doctrines crept into the Church, corrupting it from within. What began as a powerful inferno became nothing more than a glowing ember by the Middle Ages. Then came the Reformation, as men began an effort to restore the Church back to the doctrinal truths of the apostles. However, although some progress was made, many false doctrines were retained. 


Today, the Spirit of God is breathing afresh across the world and igniting the revelation of the doctrine of the original church described in the historical record of the Book of Acts. As we undertake a study of the foundational principles of true Christian doctrine, we will uncover just how far mainstream Christianity has strayed from the sound teachings of the Scriptures! Download this free study to learn more!

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