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Let Us Reason is a ministry dedicated to the pursuit and discovery of truth. Our primary objective is to help viewers better understand Biblical truth by providing in-depth studies on topics that are frequently either ignored or overlooked in most churches. We provide this teaching in four formats - eBook/PDF studies, podcasts, videos, and articles.

All of these resources are provided for free on this site. Feel free to download, distribute, and use them to further your investigation of truth. All of our study notes contain the full study information, complete with charts, quotes, and references. In addition to our Videos page, our video studies can be found by going directly to the Let Us Reason YouTube channel (or Rumble or BitChute, if you prefer).


Road To Emmaus Let Us Reason

"Come now and let us reason together, saith the Lord..."
-Isaiah 1:18

Our goal is to provide current believers with the tools and information to have a more "perfect" understanding of God's Word, as He intended it to be understood - not necessarily how religious traditions and institutions have interpreted it. 

Additionally, it is also our goal to educate non-believers and complete skeptics on the genuine truth of the Bible and its teachings and concepts. 

If you have some background with Christian teaching, but yet it never quite made sense to you or became real for you personally, we encourage you to spend some time going through our study material. We find that the majority of Christians today unfortunately do not understand the true teachings of the New Testament through Christ and the Apostles - resulting in them never being able to experience the type of full and genuine Christianity that God intended for the believer. 

In addition, many Christians today have unknowingly become the spiritual casualties of erroneous doctrines that have evolved through man-made religious institutions. Although the Reformation was an important time in Christian history, the reality is that the Reformers didn't go as far as they needed to in their attempt to return to the original patterns and teachings of the Apostles. Many errors remain mainstream, including (but not limited to) the nature of God, soteriology (the study of salvation), hermeneutics (the study of Biblical interpretation), and eschatology (the study of the end-times). 

Our hope and mission is to provide the content and the study tools for you to investigate these things for yourself and arrive at your own conclusions based on the evidence - not the traditions of men. 

But in addition to just those topics themselves, there are also a number of Biblical concepts that are foundational keys for enabling the believer to avoid the pitfalls of erroneous doctrine. We also focus our studies on elucidating these concepts. In doing so, it makes the sound teachings of the Word of God much easier to understand. Everything aligns the way it should when you interpret the Bible from within these guidelines. But when you interpret outside of them, confusion and error are always the ultimate outcome.

Beyond just purely Biblical topics, it is also our goal to provide viewers with a range of various subject matter that will enhance and illuminate your perspective on a number of issues. Some of these issues and topics you may have never considered before. Or, you may not have considered them especially relevant. But when you start to plug in all of the pieces - like a puzzle - a picture begins to emerge. In fact, when you understand many of these topics, it enhances your understanding of the world and of reality.  

We hope that you enjoy exploring the studies, videos, and resources provided on this site! Let us know your feedback on the Contact page, and consider subscribing to our YouTube channel - Let Us Reason. Lastly, please consider subscribing below in order to receive email notifications when we post new content on the site and the YouTube channel!

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